Maybe you’re still figuring out how to break the news of your unexpected pregnancy to your parents. We know it can feel intimidating right now.

No matter where your relationship stands with them, sharing with your parents about your pregnancy can be the most difficult step of the process. You can do this.

Pick A Good Time

Timing is essential when sharing the news with your parents.

Though it can be tempting to call and tell them right away, choose a time when they are more relaxed and in person if possible. Communicating and reading their body language is easier in person than over the phone.

Try a time over the weekend or after work when they are not in a rush or under stress. The way they receive the news may be better since they have the time to take it all in.

Give Them Space to Process

Though you may be nervous as you share the news, communicate the situation and your feelings the best you can.

If needed, give your parents time to process. They could feel shocked and have follow-up questions to ask before they’re ready to listen again.

Be aware that this is the heat of the moment. Your parents could say things that aren’t meant or thoroughly thought out. Give yourself and your parents grace in the coming days.

Depending on your parents, they may respond rather quickly and pressure you to choose a certain pregnancy option. No matter their opinions, remember that you have the final say in your pregnancy decision.

We’re Here for You

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Receive information about your options to decide what’s best for your unique situation. We’re here to help.

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