Think you might be pregnant but still aren’t sure? If you think you may be pregnant, confirming with a pregnancy test is your next step. At LaVie Pregnancy Care Center, we offer free and confidential pregnancy tests so you can be sure of your results. 

When Should I Take A Test?

Timing is everything when it comes to taking a pregnancy test. To get the most accurate results, the best time to take a pregnancy test is after you have missed a period. At this point, your body has produced the right amount of HCG hormone to be detected in a test. 

Home Pregnancy Tests

At-home pregnancy tests are very accurate but there is still a small chance it could be false depending on how you use them. If the test is taken too early or the directions are not followed correctly, there is a chance for inaccurate results.

We use lab quality pregnancy tests that are 99% accurate. Confirm your positive test today at our center to be sure. We are here to help bring clarity to your situation, so you can confidently take your next step.

What If It’s Positive?

If your pregnancy test is positive, there is more to learn about your pregnancy. We are here to walk alongside you in these next steps. An ultrasound takes your pregnancy confirmation one step further. It verifies you have a viable pregnancy (growing with a heartbeat), the location of your pregnancy, and how far along you are. 

Schedule a no-cost pregnancy test appointment today to start the confirmation process and learn what options are available to you.