We know telling your boyfriend and family that you’re pregnant can seem like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Your boyfriend and family may react as you expect or differently than expected. No matter what, you are not alone.

Give yourself lots of grace; remember, your future is more important than your past. We’re here to give you a couple of tips to do before sharing the news of pregnancy and how to go about it.

Before Sharing the News

If you want to be sure of your pregnancy before sharing the news with your partner/family, confirm your pregnancy even if you did receive a positive home pregnancy test. Get answers with lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound.

An ultrasound is important to determine important details of your pregnancy, including:

  • How far along you are
  • The location of your pregnancy (where it’s located within the uterus)
  • Your pregnancy’s viability (if there’s a heartbeat & is progressing)

Ultrasounds will also alert you to potential complications such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Schedule a no-cost appointment today to further confirm your pregnancy and get the information you need to move forward.

Telling Your Partner & Family

You are stronger than you know. Here are some tips to help you tell your boyfriend and family you are pregnant:

  • Pick the right time! Choose a time when your partner/family is most relaxed and has no work or plans for the day.
  • Take someone with you if needed to encourage you along the way
  • Give them space and time if needed after sharing the news
  • Know no matter what, the pregnancy decision is up to you

No-Cost Pregnancy Services

You are not alone in this unexpected time. At LaVie Pregnancy Care Center, we offer lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasounds at no cost to you.

Schedule your no-cost appointment today to confirm your pregnancy and learn all your pregnancy options.